Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Kingsbridge produce traditional sash windows which operate on weights and pulleys. Our highly experienced joiners have created, possibly the most advanced sash window on the market.

Why We Are Proud of Our Sash Windows


Our joiners have decades of experience in creating sash windows and have perfected the most advanced sash window on the market which can be operated on weights and pulleys or spiral balances. Units can be individually customised to client’s own specification or preference.

Recent Improvements

In our quest to make our products as energy efficient as possible, Kingsbridge have made a number of improvements to the construction of our sash window. These include a divided and airtight weight box, improved draft proofing and upgraded glazing.

By fine tuning our design we have achieved the highest results in both the U-Value calculation and the Air and Water Permeability tests, when independently tested.

Kingsbridge supply all our sash windows fully finished. Modern micro porous paints, when factory applied, provide a tough, durable and low maintenance finish.


When you Kingsbridge, we take full responsibility for measuring, ordering and installing all our products. Every step of a project is handled by experienced members of staff to ensure a smooth process and customer satisfaction.

Attention to detail and after sales support is what our customers say sets us apart from the competition.

Sliding Sash ‘Heritage’ Window

Kingsbridge have developed a window model that combines insulating qualities of a modern window with the aesthetics of days goneby, specifically for the replacement market.

Features include;

145mm deep section which allows the easy replacement of sash windows while retaining existing shutters and panelling.

4-12-4 glazing units make double glazed units less obvious.

18mm glazing bars simulate bars of old single glazed units.

Choice of sash horn detail.

Wooden Casement Windows

Kingsbridge produce both ‘Stormproof’ and ‘Flush’ casement windows. The choice of size and design is endless.

Feature Windows

Feature windows are used to create a focal point of a home, often in the stairwell or reception area. Many traditional architects use arched designs with glazing bars, while modern designers tend towards large clean-lined glazing in square or triangular sections. Wherever you decide to place a feature window we can create the design to enhance your home.

Oak Windows and Doors

Kingsbridge have undertaken a number of commissions in European Oak.

Enquire: info@kingsbridgejoinery.ie

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